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Optimizing peak performance. 
Develop the skills you need for greater clarity, awareness, creativity, strength and energy.

Did you know, working on building your personal resilience and heart-brain coherence is highly effective in navigating through a sudden change, challenges and adversity. They can become your go to inbuilt tools which will not only hold you in balance but will also help you make better decisions when you need to be your best!

Things have been quite tough in the past few years and people are still trying to find the best coping mechanism... Answer this truthfully, how often during your day do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, annoyed, underappreciated or fatigued? Do you ever regret the way you respond to people or situations?

Well, here is good news! I enable people with simple, user-friendly, scientific and evidence-based techniques which can be practiced anytime, anywhere. These techniques help in impactful physiological transformations that enables individuals to make better choices and manage stressful situations with ease. They also significantly enhancing their mental, physical and emotional health.

Are you ready to experience your heart’s intelligence and ability to influence the outcomes you desire?



Coherence Training involves entraining the heart and brain, to bring them to a coherent state of being. This science-based tool for self-regulation spurs real, physiological transformations that makes us more resilient in the face of stress and uncertainty.

  • Connect to a stable, inner source despite your environment

  • Think more clearly amidst distraction and overwhelm 

  • Remain focused on your core values and purpose

  • Decrease the influence of unconscious bias

  • Improve creative problem solving and innovation

  • Intuitively make quicker, situationally appropriate decisions


Connecting to the heart’s intelligence allows intuitive wisdom to guide your actions. Ground yourself in peace and calm, despite challenging circumstances.



Intelligent Energy Management is a productivity enhancer training. Individuals learn to remain balanced mentally and emotionally, despite stressful situations or people. Energy management connects us to a state of flow and moving pathways where once there were blockages.


The program includes development of competencies that lead to:

  • Stay protected amidst energy-draining situations and people

  • Learn valuable self-emotional regulation tools

  • Increased personal resilience and energy levels

  • Leveraged ability to think clearly under pressure 

  • Increased ability to discern appropriate solutions to problems

  • Diminished symptoms of personal and work related stress

  • Enhanced ability to maintain composure during challenges

  • Improved family and social harmony

  • Reduced fatigue and exhaustion

  • Increased access to intuitive intelligence


With a practiced state of coherency, it’s possible to manifest outcomes by maintaining control over your energy, before, during and after stressful interactions.

Image by Brad West


Welcome to the world of mindful self-regulation through the Breathe Awareness Technique. Backed by solid evidence, this technique empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and navigate life's challenges with grace.

Our evidence-based approach combines the power of conscious breathing and focused awareness. By incorporating simple yet profound breathing exercises, we guide you on a journey towards emotional balance, mental clarity, and inner harmony.


Discover the science behind the art of mindful breathing as you learn to regulate your emotions, reduce stress, and cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness. This technique is your companion in the pursuit of a calmer mind and a more centered self.

Experience the transformative potential of the Breathe Awareness Technique today and embark on a path towards lasting well-being. Your journey to self-regulation starts here.

This technique is extremely beneficial to combat workplace stress.


  • Reduce stress

  • Improve focus

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve clarity and decision-making

  • Strengthen creativity for better problem solving

  • Deepen self-awareness

  • Expand compassion

  • Improve interpersonal relationships


Consistent meditation practice is the foundation of a stable mind, which lends itself to greater cohesion and energy management.


Resilient employees are those who embody heart/brain coherence and the skill of energy management. Research shows these employees are healthier and happier, leading to fewer missed work days, reduced employee turnover, greater productivity and an improved sense of purpose and agency over their careers.


HeartMath Certified Trainer & Coach

Pari Patri is a seasoned, experienced executive empowerment coach who understands the challenges faced in the corporate world. She was recently recognized as one of the Top 20 Global Women of Excellence by U.S Congressman Danny K. Davis for the 2019 Annual International Women’s Day.


Pari is a former corporate professional, who followed her heart to start her own business. Pari is the founder of PSSM Global, a global not-for-profit which promotes the message of Meditation, Plant-Based Diet, Pyramid Energy and Spiritual Science worldwide.


She remains, however, connected to her roots in the corporate world. In and effort to prevent others from the same burnout she once faced, Pari returns to offices and online Zoom spaces to teach the skills and tools she wished she had when working in a high-stress environment.


An award-winning Executive Spiritual Coach and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Pari is also a Certified Meditation Teacher and Certified Resilience & Stress management trainer. 


The mother of two is associated with numerous international organizations, although it is her work with PSSM Global, a multi-channel grass-roots volunteer movement, which keeps her most active both in the United States and abroad.



Studying at Home
Support Group


A FREE Masterclass for Optimal Living

An online, self-paced course that teaches practical skills for optimal functioning in the office, at home, and in each of your relationships.


Effective Tools for Work-Life Balance and Heart-Brain Coherence

Intelligent Stress Management
enables organizations and individuals alike to achieve a state of heart-brain coherence. Learn the most effective tools for work-life balance but also, move forward in life with confidence!


Bespoke Employee Wellness Programs Tailored to Meet Your Needs

The workplace is dynamic and ever-changing. The best employee wellness programs meet this uncertainty with flexibility, and meet employees where they are. Contact Pari Patri to discuss the needs of your unique workplace.

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I must say it is one of the best workshops I have attended so far. The wisdom I gained through that workshop has helped me to understand my energy drains and close them. I was astonished and amazed in knowing some of the heart facts and the power of the Human Heart. With constant practice of heart coherence techniques, I have not only changed my life in many ways but also could clearly see positive changes at my workplace as well.

Gayathri Chaava


As a HeartMath™ Master Trainer, Mentor and Meditation Teacher, I am in service and support of those experiencing mental or emotional trauma or elevated levels of everyday stress.

The tools and techniques I share have transformed my life experience and continue to serve me daily and those I enable. I teach from experience. Allow yourself to feel hopeful and curious. Let’s discover if you’d like to, and how we can work together to reach your goals.

Thank You For Connecting.

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